Thursday, September 25, 2008

Police: Lowell man went on downtown rampage

I got this story from Rob Mills at this morning (click on headline for link)...

And I heard from Grant Brown; "I was coming home by way of 133 around 10:40 last night, and parked on Merrimack in the aftermath of the "rampage." I helped a guy upright the garbage can in front of Mr. Jalapeno, which was indeed thrown into the street. He also ripped up one of the hanging planters from the light post in front of Giovanni's Trends. Glad they caught the guy!"

I am left wondering if people who do things like this are assessed fines to cover the damage? Or better yet, maybe he can just come down and clean up after he recovers from what is undoubtedly going to be one heck of a hangover...

By Robert Mills,
Article Launched: 09/24/2008 11:52:00 PM EDT
LOWELL -- A 28-year-old Lowell man went on a one-man vandalism spree downtown Wednesday night, smashing planters large and small, tearing city-owned garbage cans from their moorings, and throwing them all onto Merrimack Street.
Police say Julio Alamo, of 135 Salem St., first floor, apparently started his booze-fueled antics near John Street, and from there walked up Merrimack Street, smashing four large planters, three smaller planters, and four garbage cans.
Alamo then threw them all into the middle of Merrimack Street, police said.
Officers Caz Czarnionka and Charles Panek, heading up Merrimack Street to investigate, had to dodge the debris.
Panek and Czarnionka caught up with Alamo as he had his hands around another garbage can on Market Street, near Cardinal O'Connell Parkway a little after 10 p.m.
He was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and two counts of malicious destruction of property over $250.
The cast-iron cages that surround the garbage cans are secured to the sidewalk underneath, but Alamo tore them free, police said.
A bail commissioner had not yet set bail for him late Wednesday night. He will be arraigned Thursday in Lowell District Court.

Friday, September 19, 2008

License Commission

From SUN on-line...
City pulls plug on Under Impact Pub
By Lisa Redmond,
LOWELL -- After the city License Commission gave a local gay bar a warning two weeks ago to turn the volume down, one commission member said it was like "spitting in our faces'' to have another noise complaint as recently as Wednesday night.
The commission on Thursday voted to pull the plug on the Under Impact Pub & Lounge's entertainment license until the club at 160 Merrimack St., has professional soundproofing installed.
For the next week or so, until the soundproofing is installed, the commission said can be no bands, disc jockeys or jukebox -- no music, period.

Longing for the days of the ‘Downstairs Café’? According to neighbors who attended the meeting and an account on; the License Commission has suspended the entertainment license at the Under Impact until they install sound-proofing. Damn! There will be no more music flowing through the streets of downtown until 2AM. I was just getting used to the 60-decibels of base…LOL.

I was especially happy to read this; "I could hear the music from a block away,'' commission member Raymond Weicker told Jennifer Delbrey, Under Impact's treasurer, during yesterday's hearing.
So! At least one of the commissioner’s has had the experience of enjoying the music from Under Impact; probably from seating at an outdoor bar/restaurant… I have enjoyed their music myself from my table at Fortunato’s; Café Paradiso; Mambo Grill; and Bad Dawgs…not to mention the occasional downtown sidewalk bench on a really nice night.

I know that there will be plenty of the usual, “you live downtown; what do you expect…”, comments about this, however, this particular situation is a very recent phenomenon and it is such an extreme case, even the License Commission has had to do something. There has been a bar in this location, I don’t know, forever…and when the building was converted to condos, (two business and two residential units), all was not perfect. There was music at night in the bar, the upstairs residents asked if they would turn it down a little after midnight; the owners did; communication & compromise…I love it when that happens! The rest of the neighborhood benefited too; you could walk down the sidewalk at night and hear music coming from the building; enough to let you know there was entertainment there, but not enough so you could still hear it when you got to John St. Ahhhhhh, the good ole days…

Enter the “NEW” owners…Whoa! Not the most open-minded, cooperative individuals you would hope will open a business next door to you. And this is a point that is often left out of this conversation…let’s say you own a fine restaurant across the street from this bar…your diners are spending a pretty decent amount of money to have a nice leisurely dinner...when suddenly, the music starts! I’m not exaggerating; I’ve experienced this, (and so apparently has one of the Commissioners). So, it is not just “new people in the neighborhood”, that are being effected; this place has a pretty dramatic affect on neighboring businesses. The owners of Under Impact should have some respect for other bars/restaurants, many of which have been in the neighborhood for a very long time, all of whom (despite the occasional spat) are considerate of one another…and if music hemorrhaging out of this place late at night is effecting the income of other business owners…that’s just not good for anyone.

There is one more thing that bothers me about this (and another recently notorious bar) situation…I don’t own a bar and I don’t have an MBA; but I’m guessing that when you lose your entertainment and/or liquor license, you must lose an awful lot of business = money. Instead of spending a bundle of cash to hire an attorney; install sound-proofing to the bar; wouldn’t it have been cheaper to have just turned down the music a little the last 18 times the police asked you to do it?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dayne Lamb & Middlesex Community College

I received this from Dayne Lamb...and am pretty excited about a neighborhood resident partnering with MCC...the other person who comes to mind is Eleni; who has had many years of success with her MCC Fashion Camp. I suspect their are more people with an area of expertise they can share...maybe a certain Mr. Greene should consider a developing a "Green" program that would help city residents learn more about initiatives, including the new "trash" policy.

From Dayne-
A number of folks in Lowell have asked Gardner and me about personal financial planning. The result is that I (with Gardner's assistance) have arranged to teach/lead a two-session adult enrichment course at MCC. MCC offered a good way to share some of what we do with our clients with a larger group of friends, neighbors and other community members. Here is the course description:

Mastering MoneyFinancial planning is the art of controlling your spending, optimizing your income, maximizing your savings and properly diversifying your investments. The proliferation of financial products, tax law requirements and human nature can make implementation of your financial plan a challenge. J. Dayne Lamb, MBA/CPA will share with you the tools, techniques and tactics she employees with her wealth management clients to enable you to master your money and be your own best financial advisor. (3 hours) $49.
10/21-10/28 7pm-8:30pm T L LF-205PER 637 80 14087 LAMB

Entire fall catalog is here:

Registration info is here:

Monday, September 8, 2008


Everyone is welcome to join the "Mayor's Harvest Ball" taking place on Saturday October 4th at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Admission is $25.00 and all guests will enjoy an evening of ambiance, great entertainment provided by the Continentals as well as catered hors d'oeuvres, dancing and a fabulous silent auctions. For sponsorship opportunities please contact Deb Belanger from the Greater Merrimack Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau at 978-459- 6150 Ext. 15. We will also be asking from all of our guests to bring a (one) bag donation of nonperishable food items to benefit the Merrimack Valley Food Bank. We truly appreciate any support you can provide and look forward to seeing you at what promises to be a wonderful evening at the "Mayor's Harvest Ball".

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Condo for rent at Ayer artists lofts

Condo for rent at Ayer artists lofts

"Ayer Lofts is the first building designated as artist live/work space by the city of Lowell. Across the street from the New England Quilt Museum and up the block from the Revolving Museum, the Ayer Lofts and its Gallery are a vibrant part of the Lowell arts community". Gas lanterns and cobblestone streets line the heart of the Downtown Arts District.

Available anytime between 10/1 and 11/1.
989 sf. Track lighting, tons of storage, interior brick.

$1050/month. Renter pays electricity. Condo fee (paid by owner) includes water and trash. Unique layout could work for two roommates. Non-smoking. Pet friendly.

One-year standard lease.

E-mail Maureen at maureenchase@gmail if interested.