Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hold the line on city parking rates

Here is an excerpt from the SUN editorial regarding increased parking rates. You can get the rest by clicking on the headline above.

“…Most of the city's employees, including School Department workers, don't live in Lowell, and don't share in the cost of parking in the city's garages. Yet the people who have made an investment in Lowell -- downtown condo residents and business owners -- not only have to pay for their own parking but must also subsidize parking for city workers who take up municipal spaces.
The plan to increase residents' rates by $10 a month without exacting a contribution from city workers isn't fair. City workers, including teachers, should bear some of the cost through a payroll deduction. Downtown residents who already are supporting the garages through parking fees and taxes should be exempt from higher rates…”

Neighbors have supported Mr. Carney and all he has done to make the city garages safer, cleaner and more profitable. However, the SUN is correct when you consider downtown residents are pretty much the only city tax-payers who have this burden.

Here’s a thought…since each “household”, (which includes my little tiny condo that is not eligible for municipal trash pick-up), subsidizes the city trash program to the tune of about $150.00 per year. Instead of the City increasing my parking fee $120.00 annually; maybe we could just call it even…I’m willing to pay the extra $30.00 to pick other people’s trash.

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