Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kearney Square Bridge Replacement

The second meeting to discuss the replacement of the 170-year-old Kearney Square Bridge (between Blue Taleh and Middlesex Community College) was held tonight. Enel has been able to rework the plans so that the bridge will remain open in both directions during the entire construction project. Once completed, the new bridge will be able to handle 36 tons as opposed to the current posted limit of six tons and feature pedestrian barriers along the sidewalks, like the reworked Central Street Bridge does today.

The plan will now involve three phases, running from February of 2013 to October. The first phase (until June) will replace the south side of the bridge (the Blue Taleh side) with pedestrians using the north sidewalk.

The second phase (June-September) will shift the traffic to the south side of the bridge and shrink the lanes down to nine feet each with no separation between the two (many emergency vehicles are over nine feet wide). The north sidewalk will remain open.

The third and final phase will again shift traffic to the north side of the bridge and the north sidewalk will remain open while the new south side sidewalk is constructed.

Deliveries and pedestrian access to the alleyways along both the old Sun building and the Fairburn building will be maintained throughout the entire project. Parking and deliveries in the area will be limited at various times as travel lanes will be needed.

Please contact Enel Green Power North America at 978-681-1900 ext 852 or 817 with any questions or concerns. They may also be reached via email at

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